Macedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

William Leong
Mercedes’ new C-Class 300 Coupe is not just easier on the eyes; it has sportier interior, new power train, improved dynamics, and beautifully creased and curved body design, making it hard not to like the car.

Mercedes Benz Class C Coupe

Seeing a C-Class Coupe it is hard to imagine it is owned by someone who is not into the sport of driving cars.

Standard features are dual-zone climate control with vents for rear passengers, 8.4-inch widescreen infotainment system with voice recognition, touchpad and rotary controls for accessing sat-nav, internet apps, hard-drive music library, radio with DAB+ digital reception, Bluetooth streaming and full USB/iPod/auxiliary audio compatibility. The heads up display projected onto windscreen is nice, and a button easily turns it off/on.

Three coupe variants, C200 and C300 petrol (premium unleaded) and C250d diesel, all have powerful turbocharged 2.0-litre engines in different states of tune, with 7 and 9 G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission.

The new Coupe Mercedes claims as the sportiest variant of the C-Class to date is now quite the visual treat, sharing the same face as the rest of the cars in the line-up – sporty, striking form of clean character lines, large air intakes and crouched, drawn-out roof.

The new car is also 95mm longer, 40mm wider and 1mm lower, giving more presence on roads, and more shoulder, elbow and headroom. Thanks to the sharply sloping rear roofline, front seats are best for taller passengers. Two rear sports seats are separated by dual cup-holders, i.e. no middle seat. The centre can fold forward to make extra room for skis etc. to protrude from the boot. There is also good storage space beside the back seats, with no rear doors.

Like sedan and wagon, the coupe has a cabin design displaying both style and substance, aluminium trim with exclusive looking circular theme for speakers, dials, vents and clock, black leather surfaces and specially crafted sports seats wrapped in leather.

As with many new Mercedes-Benz models, the gearshift lever is on the steering column, where the wiper or signalling stalk is usually found.

Seatbelts automatically feed out then tension. Seats are comfortable and very supportive, providing grip and comfort. They are electrically adjustable, heightening the sense of sporty driving.

Active Parking Assist takes stress out of tight spot parking, with the car steering itself. I just shift gear modes and brake occasionally, for semi-automated manoeuvring.

Even though performance figures for the Coupe are not huge, the powertrain, mated to the smooth and consistent seven-speed gearbox, is magnificently polished. Power delivery is comfortably linear, creating driving confidence. A zero to 100 km/h sprint at less than 7 seconds should satisfy most owners.

Complementing the powertrain is the Coupe’s new and improved suspension setup that balances sporty agility and ride quality.

Although rather clinical as most Mercedes are, the coupe does certainly engage and encourage a certain amount of driving. I drove both the petrol version Coupes, C200 & C300, on twisty roads, finding they responded capably to driver input and directional change, deciding it is a very likable car.

Five drive modes, Eco, Comfort (the default setting), Sport, Sport+, and Individualised, alter steering, suspension, throttle and transmission settings and responses. Flip the Dynamic Select switch to “Comfort” and the drive is as serene as a river boat ride -transforming characteristics of the Coupe at the flip of a switch.

The C200 is base level, ascending in levels of standard equipment provided through C250d then C300. There are also a number of optional packages that can be added to enhance the car in various very appealing ways. (see brochure)

Considering how the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe managed to sway our expectations during our drive, I dare say Mercedes latest creation offers drivers both substance and style. If you are considering purchasing a Coupe of quality build that drives very nicely, you may want to give the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe a try.

  • Price: From $65,900 plus on-road costs
  • Engine: 1,991cc petrol four-cylinder turbo
  • Power: 135kW at 5500
  • Torque: 300Nm at 1200-4000
  • Transmission: 7G-Tronic Plus auto, RWD
  • Consumption: 6.0L/100km, tank 66L
  • Price: From $74,900 plus
  • Engine: 2,143cc Diesel 2-stage turbocharged
  • Power: 150kW at 3800
  • Torque: 500Nm at 1600-1800
  • Transmission: 9G-Tronic auto, RWD
  • Consumption: 4.4L/100km, tank 66L
  • Price: From $83,400 plus
  • Engine: 1,991cc petrol four-cylinder turbo
  • Power: 180kW at 5500
  • Torque: 370Nm at 1300-4000
  • Transmission: 7G-Tronic Plus auto, RWD
  • Consumption: 6.6L/100km, tank 66L