Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV)

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Alfa Romeo, founded in 1910, has been busy in what it calls a Renaissance, revising all aspects of its cars’ design, with the target of having a new eight model range completed by the end of 2020, and the Giulia, originating in 1962, was the first all new model to the market in July 2015, arriving in Australia February 2017.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV)

As Alfa describes it, development involved an intensive focus on high strength, light weight construction, optimally placing and balancing components between front and rear axles, three new engines combined with bulletproof ZF auto transmissions, a high level of safety and electronic equipment much of it standard, a system that produces integrated and co-ordinated operation of suspension, braking, and drive to individual rear wheels, whilst obviously creating a car that shows Italian design flair inside and out.

The Giulia has a five model, or four standard-equipment-level range; base model with 2-litre turbo engine, 2-litre petrol or 2.2-litre diesel 'Super', the enhanced 2-litre engine 'Veloce', then the top of range very much full on 'Quadrifoglio', or QV, powered by a Ferrari inspired twin turbo 2.9 Litre V6 engine, which luckily was the car we encountered, and the one we will talk about.

The Giulia is a sporty, four door, rear wheel drive sedan, with high level of standard drive assist and safety equipment, including ForwardCollisionWarning, AutoEmergencyBraking, PedestrianRecognition, IntegratedBrakeSystem, ActiveCruiseControl, LaneDepartureWarning, and utilising strong and lightweight carbon fibre drive shafts, rear spoilers, roofs and front hoods.

Externally, the front has good looking large air intakes and complimentary grill, powerful haunches, raked body convolutions and overall well balanced and impressive design.

The interior is stunning, with asymmetric-styled instrument panel and driver-focused cockpit, ultra-premium leather sports seats/Alcantara, and highlights of carbon fibre, aluminium and accent stitching. There is an 8.8inch infotainment display screen, with 7inch TFT colour cluster that changes with drive modes to give useful drive readings and suggested gear shifts, for which, in manual mode, there are quite large paddle shifters on the wheel.

There is drive mode selection, which Alfa believes changes the character of the car enough to call it a DNA selector, featuring Advanced Efficiency (that enables economical selective cylinder shutdown), Neutral, Dynamic, and with the QV only Race, which affect the gear shifting, acceleration and other engine characteristics quite noticeably.

Race mode means what it says, and you must be competent enough to control the car and in a suitable location to be using it!

The new Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV) holds the 7:32 minute four-door production car lap record of the famed German Nürburgring track beating the new Porsche Panamera Turbo, and also has more power than its main peer rivals, with (in kilowatts) Alfa QV 377kW, Mercedes-AMG C63S 350kW, and BMW M3 317kW. The QV is the only sedan in production to have a carbon fibre front lower spoiler that to not slow the car down remains retracted, until cornering or braking at high speed, when it comes out to provide up to about 95 kilos of downforce.

Also the QV has active suspension, and advanced Torque Vectoring of power, meaning there is a controlled ratio of the power to each rear wheel, to avoid wheel spin, instead of losing power by driving both wheels evenly and braking one of them.

We had a few laps around Sydney Motorsport Park track and no road driving and we found that the car has a huge and very much across the rev-range continuous power delivery, no doubt due to the use of twin turbos on this engine, which will do that, and the braking, cornering and manoeuvrability are all very impressive, making it a compelling rival for the before mentioned cars. It has a very well designed strong and appealing contemporary look. We look forward to further testing it at length, and believe the new Giulia promises big things for the rest of the coming totally revamped Alfa range.
  • Engine: 2.9-litre V6 twin-turbo with start/stop all-aluminium
  • Power: 375kW at 5600rpm
  • Torque: 600Nm at 2500-5000rpm
  • Performance: 0 -100kh/h in 3.9seconds
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic with manual paddle shifters, RWD
  • Fuel tank: 58 litres
  • Fuel use: 8.2L/100km
  • Price: From $143,900 plus on-road costs
  • Warranty: 3year/150,000km